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"Who like going to the dentist ???   I do !!!  Well, I do now since I found Downtown Dental...  Dr. Hickey is exceptional, and her staff is so fun, friendly, and helpful!  You have a wonderful team!  I have had such a great experience with Downtown Dental being my new dentist.  I have recommended you to everyone!!  Three of my friends should be calling to make appointments very soon.  Thank you very much for all that you do.  I will be seeing you in about 2 weeks".  :-) 
Jodie B. - Knoxville, TN    
"Two summers ago my son and family were traveling from southwestern Ohio to visit family in Indianapolis.  They had been out of the country for a few years and had no doctor or dentist, and had no idea what to do when their daughter developed and abscess while traveling.  My son called Dr. Marsha's office.  Dr. Marsha's assistant called her at home -- she was on vacation -- and yet she came in to her office to take care of my granddaughter.  She pulled a tooth and did a followup later on!  I am thankful for Dr. Marsha's concerned care, even for a child she did not know". 
Susan L. - Little Hocking, OH
"Thanks for taking time with our daughter Delaney and for helping her first dental visit to be an enjoyable and fearless one!  She'll keep brushing and flossing, and we'll see you in 6 months!"
Michael & Johnna P. - Knoxville, TN
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